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Our Favorite Holiday is Halloween!

Although Cannabis holds a big green place in my heart, HORROR is my first Love!

From early on, I’ve always snuck in as much scary stuff I could. As an adult I totally indulge by shopping for all the horror goods and most of all, making a huge deal out of October!

This is just a fraction of my horror collection. It’s not MASSIVE, but its impactful! Couple trinkets here and there, but I always want my horror guys (and gals) somewhere I can see them!

Pennywise, Chucky, Scream, Creepshow, Pinhead, Candyman! I love them all!

Chucky is the love of my life. One of my dreams was to own this doll and now I do! Since 3-4, I’ve been obsessed. Now that Chucky is featured in a brand new TV show, he’s back on top!

Our friends at MJ Arsenal always come through with an amazing Halloween lineup of fresh glass for the season! We picked up the Witch Hat Spinner Cap to go with our collection! They were awesome to send us their NEW Premium Quartz buckets and Terp Pearls to go with my new Witch Hat Cap! Get some before they are gone!

If you love horror as much as I do, make sure to check out my platform @WeirdWeirdWorld where we only talk about Horror movies, crime, collectibles, and Scary Movies I’m catching up on!