Live Art

What began as a quest for a new logo, became my passion. VisineQueen is my brain child that helped me create art representing myself in cannabis work. I’ve been fortunate enough to cement great relationships with Event Hosts, Chefs, and more to provide visual entertainment at their Canna-Happenings.

Before being able to display art at 420 events, I built an online presence with my stickers created in 2011-2012. Our art represents Freedom, Love, and Acceptance for lady smokers everywhere.

Does Art Help Shift the Perspective on Cannabis?

I believe it does. Art is movement in time, and so helps change how you view things. The surge of cannabis art on the internet is amazing and noted by those who have been trying for years to have Cannabis also represent the minorities who have brought it to the level it’s on today.

In 2017, I was approached by The Cannaware Society to present art at their Winter CannaMarket and we took off from there! Had a lot of support during that day and met many dope brands.

I try to combine today’s version of a pothead and still represent my latin background in art, as depicted below during El Jangueo, A LatinX curated experience brought by Afro-Latinos in the Cannabis Space.

We feel its our directive to depict who we are today, as an Afro Dominican/American. Our language and understanding of various cultures is unique, and should be discussed as often as possible.

We were excited to work with friends Live Painting at Spleef NYC. Spleef teams up with local businesses and brands (both in the space and outside) to expand the culture.

Our endeavors and connections in Cannabis led us to the inevitable next step, to host our own curated events! See more on The Stock Up here.