About VQ

Hi, I’m Lisa!

VISINEQUEEN is a positive platform for women and all who express their self through cannabis, and identify with the plant. Recognized as one of the first brand’s creating artwork for urban women who smoke, we have now grown into hosting curated cannabis events specifically for us, by us.

I am an Artist, Event Creator, and a full advocate/supporter of everything Mary Jane.
My Event platform, The Stock Up Events hosts curated 420 events in both New York City & neighboring New Jersey.
I provide material for Latinos who want to know more about cannabis and learn how to break the stigma.
I am a graphic designer, I create branding material for cannabis companies. I provide insight and mentorship to other women such as myself on how to use their talents in Cannabis.
Since 2011, I’m proud to hold a position amongst much cannabis growth as a place of Acceptance and Love for Women of Color who Consume.