Getting to Know Calyx Containers!

VisineQueen Gets to Know Calyx Containers!
Take a look at my video upon receiving my Calyx Package! They didn’t tell me they would be customized!

It’s refreshing to meet a brand who’s goal includes reducing waste, specifically in the Cannabis Industry. Legalization is wonderful, but it’s given us a new issue: a wide array of wasteful products. States have implemented Child Proof products that are not biodegradable. We have a waste issue as it is with everything else on the planet. In a world where we are trying to convert to metal straws, more waste is unnacceptable.

Enter Calyx Containers!

Their containers arent just packaging. They are conversation pieces that promote re-usability!

“The cannabis packaging currently on the market falls into two categories:

Aesthetically-driven containers come with hefty price tags and false promises about their functionality. Inexpensive containers are disposable and lack utility.”

Calyx containers, website.


Calyx will design your branded packaging for you! The design they surprised me with is exceptionally me. Even a year later, my containers are in the same condition they were received. Inquire with them when placing your order!

VisineQueen’s custom Joint Tubes

Efficiency + Sustainability

The Calyx Line is fully reusable, recyclable, and optimized for accelerated degradation. See more about this on their website!


Their cap closures for all containers are certified child-resistant and features senior-friendly ergonomics. Calyx complaint labeling solutions can be customized to comply with all Cannabis laws everywhere.

Consumer Benefits

Selling your cannabis, concentrates, or edibles in the industry’s first airtight, resealable container means that your consumers enjoy a fresher, longer lasting product.

So what are you waiting for? Contact my friends at Calyx Containers today for your own!

Stay Tuned for our custom Calyx Containers coming soon!